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There will come a time when you need to find a Newfield roofer. This is the case with most of our customers. They cannot seem to find a quality roofing contractor when they need one. Contact Advanced Metal Roofing today. We are a part of the Better Business Bureau and National Association of Home Builders. We can put a new metal roof on your home today.


Newfield Metal Roofing

If you've never had a metal roof on your home before, there are many benefits to owning one. First off, metal roofs are flame resistant. Yes, you heard correctly. If your home ever caught fire, the life of your roof would be salvaged.


Another reason why metal roofs have become so popular are that they last forever. You really don't need to maintain them once they are installed. You may have to have it re-coated, but that's about it. Call us and we'll provide you with more details concerning your metal roof.


Copper is a major element when it comes to metal roofs. Actually, copper has dated back to thousands of years ago as it was a key player in architecture. Copper is still a key element today in metal roof production. If you're looking for a unique roof type, then you should look into metal roofs from Advanced Metal Roofing.


We recommend our Colonial Red metal roof as a color for your country farm house. You'll love the look of your home once we've installed this color. It'll give it a rustic, country feel. Let us know when we can install your Colonial Red metal roof.


We are the Newfield roofers to rely on in the Maine area. You can trust us because we know what you're looking for when it comes to metal roofs. If you've got a historical or provincial style of home, then we can install a Charcoal Grey metal roof. Take your pick today.


Newfield Vinyl Siding

When you think of vinyl siding what's the first thing that comes to mind? If you said style and longevity, then you hit the nail right on the head. When Advanced Metal Roofing installs your vinyl siding, it will last forever. Let us fit your home for vinyl siding today.

Vinyl siding is also great because it makes for a good cover-up. If you're tired of the current exterior of your home, then let us cover that up with quality made vinyl siding. We can match the look of your home or even give it a brand new look.


Your vinyl siding won't scratch & dent. These reasons alone are why our customers love it. If you want to love your home over again, then get in touch with Advanced Metal Roofing. We'll protect your home as all you got to do is give us a call.

When you want vinyl siding, contact the Newfield roofer that has been around since 1966, Advanced Metal Roofing. We can provide the vinyl siding that you've been looking for. Come claim your siding today.


Newfield, ME

If you are looking for metal roofing in Newfield then please call 603-679-2466 or complete our online request form.