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Replacement Windows – Improve Your Home

Before purchasing replacement windows for your Massachusetts home, you must take into consideration certain factors like the prevalent climatic conditions in your area, your budget, etc. Consult an expert to receive an estimate for your home.

Types of Windows Replacements

There are eight types of replacement windows, including three hinged and two curved replacement windows.

Hinged Replacement Windows

  • Awning Windows: These types open outwards and are hinged at the top. They can be placed high on the walls and can remain open even during a rainstorm. Having awning windows installed at higher levels increases privacy, and at the same time, lets in an ample amount of natural light and ventilation. The noteworthy characteristics include their modern looks, affordability, and easy installation.
  • Casement Windows: These open outwards and are hinged at the sides. Such are easy to open and close, and their maintenance is easy as well. When closed, the window frame and sash join tightly with the help of an air-tight seal which makes these highly energy efficient. The only drawback is that they cannot be used to accommodate window air conditioners.
  • Hopper Windows: Hinged at the bottom, this type can be opened inwards or outwards. By having an air-tight seal similar to the others, hopper windows do not allow air leakage. They are more prone to damage during heavy rains because they open outwards, though. If installed at a lower level or ground level, these provide less privacy as well.

Curved Replacement Windows

  • Bay Windows: Bay add aesthetic appeal to your home and improve its outer appearance. These have three panels in which one is parallel to the walls and the other two are on the sides at angle towards the home. With the angled structure, these windows make a room appear larger than it actually is.
  • Bow Windows: Bow are normally comprised of four or more windows that are curved to form an arch outwards. The curved shape gives an aesthetic appeal to your home, in addition to making your rooms look bigger, similar to bay windows.

Poor installation of both bay and bow windows could result in structural problems, heat loss and drafts.

In addition to the above five, there are fixed pane, single or double hung, and single or double sliding windows.

  • Fixed-Pane Windows: Fixed-pane are the most energy efficient of all replacement windows. Each contains an air tight seal to prevent the loss of air. They are inexpensive, and only an expert contractor can properly install these. The major disadvantage associated with fixed-pane windows is its inability to provide ventilation.
  • Single or Double-Hung Windows: These are the most common of all. The single-hung windows take precedence over the double-hung with many homeowners because of their affordability and energy efficiency. However, both single and double-hung windows allow for a noticeable amount of air leakage.
  • Single or Double-Sliding Windows: Single and double-sliding contain two horizontal sashes. In double-sliding windows, both the sashes slide, however in a single sliding window, only one sash slides.

Window replacements will also enhance the outer appearance of your homes, in addition to improving the home indoors.

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