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Steel Roofing in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine


When it comes to metal roofing, steel is one of the most popular materials there is, largely for two reasons. The first is that it has a relatively low cost, and the second is that it's extremely durable. Steel has a much longer lifespan than traditional roofing materials, it's more environmentally sustainable, and it has a lower cost. It can last for up to 50 years or more without developing leaks, and it can withstand winds of over 110 miles per hour.

At Advances Metal Roofing LLC, our team of dedicated Massachusetts, Maine, & New Hampshire Metal Roofing Contractors can help you decide if steel roofing is the right choice for your home when you've decided to add a metal roof. We know how important your roofing is to your home, so we always provide the highest quality materials and the best workmanship possible during a roofing installation. We'll make sure that your new steel roof is perfect for your home. Call us today to get started on this project.

Stainless Steel vs. Galvanized Steel Roofing

Although stainless steel is a popular option for roofing in some parts of the United States, most steel roofs used galvanized steel. Stainless steel is mostly valued for its appearance, which is unusual and distinctive, but galvanized steel is the more reliable of the two when it comes to residential use.

Advantages of Steel Roofing

There are plenty of benefits that steel roofing can offer your home, but let's start with the one major disadvantage: steel roofing can rust. For that reason, manufacturers typically coat steel roofing products with zinc or zinc–aluminum anti-corrosive coatings. This coating can last for around 20 years before it will need to be replaced, but that does mean that steel requires more maintenance than other metal roofing materials like aluminum. Aside from that, you'll love the great benefits that steel roofing can offer your New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine home:

  • Steel roofs come in a number of different colors, styles, and designs. These include stone-coated steel and painted steel. The stone or paint can also offer addition protection against corrosion and oxidation.
  • If steel roofing materials are properly coated, they are very durable. This makes them a great choice for any home or business in Massachusetts, Maine, or New Hampshire!
  • Steel roofing companies often remove existing roofs to install a new steel roof, but in some circumstances, steel roofing can be installed over your existing roofing.

Steel Roofing Repair

Along with our installation services, Advanced Metal Roofing LLC can also offer any repair services you may need for you New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine home's steel roofing. We'll be able to diagnose the problem quickly and we'll make sure that every part of the roofing is in excellent condition before we consider our work done.

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