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About Biltmore roofingProtecting your home in Massachusetts with vinyl siding not only provides an outstanding barrier against the weather, but is also attractive and aesthetically appealing. You can update the look of your home, save money, and stop having to repaint your house year after year.

Vinyl siding is known for its ability to stand up to the weather. Its a great choice for freezing winter and intense sun. Homes in the North east that have vinyl siding installed tend to stand up to the elements for better than their wood counterparts.

Is Vinyl Siding For Your Massachusetts Home?

Vinyl siding' many benefits have made it the most popular siding material in America today; it's the material of choice on new luxury homes and the first choice for remodeling projects large and small. Plus vinyl siding offers hundreds of design options that make it ideal for contemporary homes, to stately Victorians. What's more, vinyl siding provides a wide range of colors, plenty of trim options, almost no maintenance and excellent, lasting value.

How To Choose Siding

Outside of remodeling your kitchen or building an addition, installing siding on the exterior of your home is the single most effective home renovation project that you can under take. You can expect a return on investment in the range of 85-88%, depending on the type of siding material you choose. What should you look for when choosing siding and how best to select the style and color for your home? Let’s examine the many options available to ensure the most successful installation possible.

Gauge the difference

One of the most common reasons for deciding to install siding is to provide superior protection from the elements. In areas where wind and rain can prematurely age a wood paneled exterior, vinyl siding is an excellent way to extend the life of your home and eliminate the need for painting. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of gauges – an increased panel depth equals a greater defense against weather related forces. Finding a balance between price and gauge is an important factor when choosing siding for your home.

Vinyl or Aluminum

If you live in a region frequented by severe weather, especially hail storms, vinyl siding is your best choice, as it is resistant to dings and dents. However, aluminum siding is a popular alternative in a wide range of other climates and is extremely economical. Benefits include its ability to repel water and yet remain relatively rust resistant, as well as its insulating qualities. Unlike vinyl siding, aluminum siding obtains its color from a coat of paint at the factory, so while it will remain relatively maintenance free for years to come, eventually it will need to be repainted.

There have been several recent technological advances in the development of vinyl siding that have served to increase the likelihood that vinyl is your best option. These improvements have created vinyl siding with increased insular properties and improved strength, although they come at an elevated cost. If you can afford to go the high tech route, than you will no doubt reap the long term reward of lower energy costs and above average resale value.

Keeping Up Appearances

Siding was designed with the intent to mimic the look and texture of wood. With this in mind, choose the siding that most reflects the style of your home. There are numerous profiles available to enhance its appearance and create a visually appealing façade. Variations include a traditional clapboard siding, the more decorative dutchlap or an intricate beaded profile. Further options are also available and include the cedar-like “shakes” patterned siding and the ornamental scalloped-edged design.

Of the many choices you expect to make when choosing siding, what color siding you should select will probably be the easiest decision you will have to make. While the color palette offers a wide range of options, most are fairly neutral and up until recently were rarely found in darker shades. Again, technology has pushed the envelope, adding rich red and vibrant yellow tones to the available color spectrum.

Siding and You

If you want to make your home look better and improve its value, but aren’t interested in breaking your back with painting or hiring expensive painters to do it for you, than there is another option. Consider vinyl siding as a great way to improve your home. Installing siding is a popular choice for many people and there are several things to consider when you are making a decision about this.

Consider the pluses to putting vinyl siding on your house. For one thing it lasts a very long time, is weather resistant, cheap, and easy to keep up. You can get it so many grains and colors that anyone can customize their choices to fit with the uniqueness of their homes.

Many people buy vinyl siding because of how long it will last and how rugged it is. Since vinyl siding is great in almost any climate or weather conditions it can be a really good buy for someone living in a very harsh climate or one that is prone to a lot of storms. If you buy vinyl siding now than you will be impressed at how much thicker it is than previously and how long it will last with out fading at all. With paint it will fade and needs a lot of maintenance, but siding does not require such upkeep.

If you want something that is very simple from a maintenance point of view than vinyl siding is the product for you. You will never need to paint again and it won’t fade out like paint does. You will have to just wash it over with a hose and water maybe twice a year at most. You can always just add new caulking to any joints if you need to if they have been affected by moisture.

If you want to save money in the long haul than vinyl siding is a great choice for you. Siding is so much cheaper than painting, and unlike painting your vinyl siding will last and last over time so you don’t have to keep doing it over and over. The insulation provided by siding may keep your energy bill lower too. Vinyl siding looks great too sine it comes in so many colors and shades to choose from you can find something to match your home. So you will have a color that doesn’t fade out like paint which will need a constant upkeep over the years. You will also not notice scratches, marks, or other abrasions over time like you would with wood siding.

Do take note that this siding option is not without complete maintenance and is also not totally true. Siding like any other home product will need to be kept up to a certain level, but perhaps not to the extent of a paint job.

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